Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Small Haul!

So recently I visted the 'hair store', and picked up a few bits and bobs!

Eco Styler Gel (Clear) £1.49
I use this for my puffs to slick down my edges. Only got a little pot though as trying to find an alternative. Hence why I bought....

Black and Sassy (what a name lol) Wrap Creme £3.49
Description says it holds styles without flaking (which is my problem with the eco styler). Has a sweet 'artifical' smell which I actually like! Saw a vid on You-tube a few months back, and I vaguely remember this being a product she used. (forgotten the name of vlogger, but if it works I will def locate her and give her a shout out!)

Flex rods (pack of 6) £2.79
Used them already.... ultimate fail lmao.

Hmmm we will see if the black and Sassy works.... really hating eco styler at moment! Do you guys have any suggestions??

Cimone-Spelt With a C xox

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