Thursday, 14 April 2011

Product Review: Komaza Care Coconut Curl Kit 2oz

So a few months ago now, I ordered an abundance of products from Included in my major hauls was the Trial size Komaza Care Coconut Curl Kit.
Nice 'Natural' packaging, huh?

The kit consisted of:-
2oz Coconut Curl Shampoo
2oz Coconut Curl Conditioner
2oz Coconut Curl Spray
2oz Coconut Curl Lotion
2oz Coconut Hair Pudding

I used the conditioner as a co-wash. Of course being a trial size I had my usual conditioner on stand-by 'just-in-case-it-ran-out! But nope. It did the job well, although my hair wasn't as soft as it is with my usual conditioner.

The shampoo gave an average amount of slip and although it didnt lather up like a 'usual' shampoo it did get my hair SURPRISINGLY clean.

The curl spray did the job of waking up my curls in the morning, small spritz of good ol' h2o then this product and my curls looked lovely!

My hair absolutely loves the Hair pudding! No need for any gel or like to slick down those edges (Note to self how could you forget your love for da pudding.... re-order now, now now!!)

I would def use the curl spray and pudding again. The conditioner and shampoo-ive used better, but overall this is a good lil' line of products-I still have a lil' of each product left (EXCEPT the pudding)

The same curl kit is on offer at the moment at British Curlies for £9.95
-A reasonable price in my opinion!

Cimone With a C xox

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