Thursday, 21 April 2011

My hair today

So today I'm going to get my hair put in a protective style (Single extensions).
Last night I washed my hair with the TRESemme Natural products I bought last week. (Click HERE to read post-Plus review coming soon!).

I blow-dried my hair for the 1st time this year. (I only blow-dry my hair before I put extensions in). Now I don't ever blow-dry my hair straight so it is still a little 'poofy'. I just do it as quick as possible as this means less heat, which in turns=no heat damage. I then twisted in 8 big twists, headscarf, then bed.

This morning it was too hot to put a headscarf on to head to the hairdressers so I had to do something to make it look a little more presentable!
This is what I came up with:-
**Large forehead alert!!** :-)

Real quick style-took 5 mins! What do you think? How are you wearing your hair today?
Will post pics of my extensions later today... PLUS information regarding the box braid inspired giveaway!!!!
 Enjoy the sun, guys!


  1. Really cute style :D I wish my hair was long enough to do this.

  2. Thans Simone (i love your name... :-) I wonder why!?) What my hair does have in length it lacks in body and thickness. Just love what you got... but also have a healthy dose of hair envy too-lol.

  3. lol I love your name too!(coincidence). I'm learning to love my hair bit by bit and trust me I have my very healthy dose of hair envy lol