Monday, 25 April 2011

Should men over 30 still have Braids? Results!

So the results are in!!
6% of you said-"It's cool I love my Natural Man"
12% of you said-"Err it's personal preference, but my man's hair shouldn't be longer than mine!"
12% of you said-"Nope only basketball players and rappers can do that"

However the top spot was actually evenly split between two extremes:-
35% of you said-"I don't mind"
35% of you said-"What?!?/Hell no!/Nope/Never"

Well when I first posted the survey I was a 'Hell no!' kinda girl. But I must admit that I am being swayed by the 'double standard' argument. I mean if a guy said to me 'You're too old to wear your hair like that' I would be totally disgusted!

Hmmm... I guess the jury still out... What do you think?
Let men know.... Comment below!
Cimone-Spelt With a C xox


  1. I don't like braids no matter what their age is

  2. I don't like long hair in men, young or old.

  3. Say no the rows of corn!!
    I do not like them whatsoever.