Thursday, 14 April 2011


So... weather was a little crappy yesterday and I had a killer headache so didn't go out at all.
However, woke up bright and early this morning and picked up a few items.
Picked these two 400g cans of coconut milk for 50p! Pretty cheap in my opinion. Will be great for a future leave in.

Been hearing some rave reviews about Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner on blogs etc. Plus it's several you-tube-rs staple item. Will do a review this week-end me thinks!
Picked this up for £3.49 (473ml)

Thought I would also pick up the Cantu Shea Butter-daily oil moisturiser, too. Have any of you used it? What do you think?
If all goes well then I will also purchase the shampoo and conditioner in the near future. This 385ml bottle was £3.99.

Picked this up for the really expensive price of..... 10p!!! lol. Wilkinson was having a ridiculous sale.
Not sure if i'm going to use it.... or create a lil' give away at a later date.... hmmmmm. What say you?? 

Another crazy cheap purchase were these books. Each were.... wait for it.... 10p each!!! Picked 7!!

 Anyway that's it for now!!  

Cimone-Spelt With a C xox


  1. where did you get the cantu shea butter?

  2. Hi Dionne. I purchased it at PAKs in Walthamstow. I'm reserving judgement till i've tried it again-But that won't be until I take out my extensions... I will prob put up a 'First impression' post-it wont be pretty though lol.

    Thanks for commenting!