Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Thinking INSIDE the box!

Gonna get my hair 'did'!
Going through my Calendar on my I-phone (yep I NEED this-I am SOOO forgetful!) I realised that I had booked a hair appointment for this coming Thursday.
                                                       It's time for a PROTECTIVE style!
The last time I got extensions.
I'm 'putting' my hair away in some single extensions. I used to do this quite regularly (see post HERE). However it wasn't until my sister recommended a really reasonably priced lady, last Christmas that I started up again. I was very happy with her pleasant manner and skill, and decided to use her, here on out.
I’m toying with the idea of putting them in a little larger this time round. 'Poetic Justice’ aka Box Braids style. Made fashionable again by Miss Solange ‘Solo’ Knowles.

Whilst searching online, I came across some other celebrities of colour who have sported the box braids past :-
Miss Jada
Who remembers 'Mo to the... Moesha!"?
And last but of course not least...... 
Miss Jackson if you're NASTY!
I most admit , I'm a little apprehensive that the plaits may be a little heavy and cause breakage especially around the hairline... The exact opposite of what anyone wants from a 'Protective' style.
I have a day or so to decide what I'm going to do.

I will post pics of my hair on Thursday!

Has anyone tried the box braids? How's your hairline? Let me know.... Comment below!

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  1. I think these braids are soooo pretty and they're going to frame your face beautifully!! God Bless!!!