Friday, 21 October 2011

Absent without leave!

Hi everyone!
It truly has been too long! Truth be told i have missed blogging and the natural hair community. I wish i could say that i have been trying new products, attending meet-ups etc etc. But i haven't lol. Instead i have had my hair tied back in a bun or in protective styles for the last errrr 9 months! This is because i have recently become a ....... yummy , natural MUMMY! so what the awful morning sickness, the changes to my skin, feet and boobs(!) i was a little shall we say distracted! Lol. Not to mention the changes to my HAIR! wow! Now don't get me wrong- it has grown SO much, however it took on a life of its own! My staple items did NOTHING to tame the curls! Hence the bun & single plaits.

However- I'm BACK. (whoop, whoop) my beautifully , amazing and gorgeous daughter and I are gonna be getting to know each other and whilst I'm on maternity leave I thought- let's get blogging again.
Hopefully I am forgiven!! Much love Cimone-Spelt With a C xox