Monday, 30 May 2011

It's been a while!

Hey natural beauties!
As the post title suggests- it's been a long time!
Sorry ladies.

BUT I'm BACK and currently on route to Afro Hair and beauty Show 2011.
I haven't been in years-at least 8 or 9 actually.

I will post pics, reviews etc later this evening!

If ur also there say hi- have a few pics up on here of myself. So make yourself known!


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  1. Hi what a love blog you have here. I started to go natural year in year out but chopped off worn bald and then started again...for years!! until my second child was born...which coincided with me starting to paint and being a creative arty type. Which I believe grew tremendously since going natural!!!! I wish you very best in blogger land and will certainly pop by to say hi soon.